anti slip sheets
Anti slip sheets
Plastic sheets in bright colours with slip resistance and soft-touch; sustainable & wear-resistant.

Colourgrip anti slip sheets

anti slip sheets


Colourgrip is an enhanced version of Ekogrip. A sturdy polyethylene sheet is also combined with a 2 mm thick layer of virgin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with a grain structure. The PE base provides rigidity and the top layer gives it good soft-touch properties and slip resistance.

The difference is in the top layer. This hasn't got the typical grain structure of Ekogrip. The big benefit is that Colourgrip anti slip sheets can be delivered in various bright colours. To guarantee a good slip resistance under all circumstances, Colourgrip is supplied with a grain or button surface.

Colourgrip is further characterized by the following features:

  • sustainable and robust
  • chemical-resistant
  • long durability
  • easy to clean
  • environmentally friendly
  • wear-resistant    

Colourgrip is mainly used in playground equipment and special flooring applications.
Colourgrip anti slip sheets come in black/red, black/yellow and black/blue in standard size 3000x1500x18 mm.

Different dimensions (minimum thickness = 12 mm) and colours are available upon request.

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