Knowledge of plastic sheet material

hdpe sheet

At Ekon, there's an experience of many years in the field of plastics. The following materials are processed:

  • PP (PP-C, PP-H)
  • Plastomers (Exact, Adflex)
  • Biopolymers
  • Special compounds

Special compounds could include blends of materials, possibly with fillers such as chalk or talcum. The plastic sheet products can be provided with UV-stabilizers, antistatic, flame retardant and other additives, as required by the application.

The processing of your own specific compound is also possible.
Because of the history of Ekon, we know better than anyone the potential uses of recycled plastic materials. This can provide significant cost savings. In consultation with you, we can determine if recycled plastic is possible in your application. In that case, the final product must of course have the desired quality.

The combination of your knowledge and years of experience of Ekon will lead to innovative flat-die-extrusion solutions. 

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