Finishing of plastic sheets

plastic sheets

Ekon's end products are often half-finished for the customers. In most cases, the customers process the plastic sheets or rolls to finished products. To keep our products up with customer needs as closely as possible, we have the option to offer fabricated products. The most common operations that we can offer for plastic sheets are: 


  • sawing
  • drilling
  • welding
  • milling
  • punching
  • bending 

The CNC cutting of thin plastic sheet is also possible.

We have some of these operations in-house. We outsource the other part to reliable partners. We work closely with this partners to guarentee the quality.

We can offer the following possibilities for the confection of tape:

  • slitting
  • bringing to length
  • perforating
  • applying a fold seam
  • rewinding

We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your specific application. 


plastic sheets plastic sheets plastic sheets