polyethylene sheet
Polyethylene sheet slip resistance
Polyethylene sheet with good soft-touch properties and slip resistance; robust, chemical- & wear-resistant.

Ekogrip polyethylene sheet

polyethylene sheet


Ekogrip®-FCE is a sturdy polyethylene sheet with a 2 mm thick top layer of virgin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with a grain structure. The PE base provides rigidity and the top layer gives it good soft-touch properties and slip resistance. For enhanced slip resistance characteristics, even under wet conditions, Ekogrip® comes with a studded surface: Ekogrip®-FCE + Button structure.

Ekogrip®-FCE is further characterized by the following features:

  • sustainable and robust
  • chemical-resistant
  • long durability
  • easy to clean
  • environmentally friendly
  • wear-resistant    

Some examples of applications of Ekogrip®-FCE:

  • flooring for commercial vehicles
  • saddles, floors, stairs and climbing walls in playground equipment
  • floor heating elements for intensive livestock farming


Ekogrip®-FCE and Ekogrip®-FCE+Button comes in the colours black/anthracite, black/black and black/blue in standard size 3000x1500 mm.

The standard thicknesses are: 9, 12, 15 and 18 mm.

Different dimensions on request.

Brochure Ekogrip & Colourgrip


polyethylene sheet polyethylene sheets

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