Cost-effective quality in plastics

polypropylene sheet


Ekon is the leading producer of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) sheet and roll material through the flat-die-extrusion process.

The plastic sheet and roll products are used in diverse markets including:

  • animal keeping
  • civil engineering
  • construction
  • packaging
  • automotive


Customized solutions, continuous investment in production technology, a central role for product development and motivated employees, are the success factors of our organization. An organization that strives for quality and service on a day to day basis.


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Ekon was established in 1992 from a DSM subsidary that started in the early eighties with the recycling of plastics. Years of experience in the processing and use of recycled plastics has been built up. Based on this experience, cost-effective products with a high quality level are made. Because there are limits to the use of recycled materials, Ekon has also specialized itself in the processing of virgin raw materials. Through investments in new production capacity, especially for those products, this has received a strong impetus. This way, a wide range of products has been created in both new and recycled materials. 

Our drive to find solutions, combined with our years of experience in plastics, make us a strong partner. Hereby, the expertise and capabilities of the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group, of which Ekon is part of since 2002, can be made use of.

Our goals and thus our daily actions, are aimed at:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • pp sheetsflexibility
  • creativity
  • service

This also means for Ekon:

  • engagement and partnership with our clients
  • investment and innovation to continue to realize new applications.


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