polypropylene sheets

Ekon produces egg belts and manure belts for the poultry market from polypropylene sheets.

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Ekoboard® is delivered for the construction of pigsties. For example in feeders, partitions, ventilation ducts, air washers and valves in the slurry handling.

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Ekoboard plastic sheet material has many applications in all areas of animal keeping. 



Animal keeping

Since many years, Ekon supplies a range of products made from recycled polyethylene for barn equipment for poultry, pigs, horses and cattle. Since the purchase of a new production line in 2007, which is particularly tuned for the processing of virgin polypropylene sheets, Ekon started to produce PP conveyor belts for eggs and manure. These are supplied to the producers of housing for poultry.

Ekon products intended for livestock farming are friendly to humans, animals and the environment, and are characterized by their specific properties:


  • sustainable and robust
  • easy to clean
  • don't contain PVC
  • chemical-resistant
  • don't rot
  • easy to work with
  • durable      


Besides the housing systems, Ekoboard is also used for various products related to stable building. 
Ekoboard is used for the accommodation of "hobby" animals and small livestock as well.