Laminates of plastic sheets

pp plastic sheet

Since many years, Ekon makes use of the technique of lamination of film on plastic sheets. The purpose was to create a coloured surface on black recycled plastic sheets. Over the years, this technology is developed and the number of products, based on laminating, has greatly increased. Examples are:

  • coloured film 100µ
  • text tape
  • rubber Griplayer
  • carpet
  • non-woven
  • felt
  • protection film


The combinations that arise by laminating can be used in many different applications:

  • Ekogrip®
  • Colourgrip
  • sewer renovation products
  • products for offshore
  • car mats
  • marking of products


The type and thickness of the plastic sheet on which is laminated, may vary depending on the application: it varies from a flexible PP of 0.5 mm in the coating of felt to 16 mm PE in the production of Ekogrip.We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your specific application. 


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