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Plastic sheet playground equipment
Plastic sheets for playground equipment; sustainable, safe, impervious to moisture & maintenance free.

Maintenance-free playground equipment from plastic sheets

recycled plastic playground equipment


The following items are available for the market of playground equipment: Ekoboard® HDPE-PG, Ekogrip® and Colourgrip.

Ekoboard® HDPE-PG is a thick plastic sheet made of polyethylene, which is available in standard colours red, yellow and blue. It is used, for example, in balancers and for walls in climbing frames. The standard size is 3000x1500x18 mm. Other colours and dimensions are available upon request. Products from multiple layers using two colors through co-extrusion are also possible.  
Safety is a very important factor for playground equipment. In Ekon products this safety is guaranteed by careful selection of the raw materials, based on various tests carried out by TÜV. These tests clearly show that the products comply with the legal requirements set out in the European Standard EN 71-3 and PAH test AfPS-GS-2014-01-PAK
Ekogrip® and Colourgrip are used for application in small floors, climbing walls, saddles, etc. They are both PE sheets with a rubber top layer. This gives the surface anti-slip and soft-touch features. Due to the characteristic grit structure, Ekogrip can only be delivered in dark colours. Colourgrip is available in brilliant "playground equipment" colours.

Ekon products for the playground market are maintenance-free because they are impervious to moisture and do not rot. That's why a long life expectancy can be guaranteed. 


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