recycled plastic sheets
Recycled plastic sheets near roads
The light-weight recycled plastic sheets are placed near roads so that wildlife can safely cross the road.

Recycled plastic sheets for wildlife guide

recycled plastic sheets

Nature conservation means a lot to us. Because many roads cross our vulnerable wildlife areas, the "Flora and Fauna" act stipulates that measures must be taken in order to save and preserve our wildlife. Ekon newtguard / fauna panels make a contribution to this: By placing the recycled plastic sheets alongside a road, a screen is created that leads amphibians, reptiles and small wild animals to a tunnel, where they can safely cross the road.
Newtguard / fauna panels have the following characteristics:

  • natural colours (e.g. forest green)
  • lightweight
  • quick and easy assembly
  • sustainable and robust
  • don't rot
  • environmentally friendly: made of recycled plastic
  • recyclable  

The safety of motorists is also taken into account: thanks to the anti-reflection surface of the sheets, motorists can't be blinded.


recycled plastic sheet recycled plastic sheets

recycled plastic sheet recycled plastic sheets for amphibian guide