underground cable protection
Underground cable protection
Ekoprotect is lightweight, tough & chemical resistant and offers optimal protection for cables and ducts.

Durable protection for cables and ducts

Cable protection tape

Ekoprotect® is the brand name for Ekon's product range of cable protection products. Besides a variety of standard products, most products are custom-made. Specific characteristics are:

  • optimal protection
  • lightweight
  • doesn't contain PVC
  • signaling
  • chemical-resistant
  • low transport and handling costs
  • warning text of your choice     


Ekoprotect® is manufactured from polyethylene which is perfectly suitable as a quality protection product for underground cables, ducts and pipes.  Because of its toughness, Ekoprotect® offers high resistance to mechanical impacts at excavation work.
On request we can manufacture protection products according to your own technical specifications. 

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